Back at it!  Let's see if we remember how to do this! ;)

A little Easter love - maybe shenanigans is better;) 

and the newest member of that gang...
Mr. Crosby Madison Lee
9 lb. 10oz. 22in.  



Just making sure I could still access my pics! Praise the Lord for old shots.  Love 'em love 'em love 'em



wow.  it has been quite a while.   this space used to be such a sweet place for my heart.  made me feel connected in so many ways.  i do believe we have moved into another season of life, mainly me getting a job which really gets in the way of little things like this.  but i am so hopeful and excited about this new chapter.  another big change - we have finally taken the plunge, after 10 years, and bought our first house! super excited about that.  the Lord has continued to be so evident in all of these million tiny ways and we are so thankful He is allowing our hearts to see it unfold.  so if you are interested in the condensed version of our life, you can follow our instagram account @ sarahleecreede   -  mucho love from the lee crew to you.  you are what has made this space special!



 we had a star wars throw down 6th bday party for  rowe yesterday.  super fun.  he was thrilled.  henry and jack already had star wars costumes from halloween and my mom's sweet friend joy gave rowe some hand me downs which were perfect. he was anaking skywalker and chap was obi-one or however you spell it.   my husband rocked yet another bday party - he is seriously the best bday party entertainment on the earth.  he was the lead jedi trainer and he upped himself by building the best pool noodle light sabers i have ever seen - am i looked at ALOT of different ones on pinterest:-)  shannon 'volunteered' to be darth vader since she was in her all black spa attire and she helped me with my princess leia sock buns.  all in all - the kiddos wacked the mess out of each other and had a great great time.  we are so thankful for rowe and his heart and loved celebrating him turning 6!



one more and a shout out to my cousin - j.o.
if you need some shots and you live in the san fran area :-) oliviasmartt.com


my oldest cousin janet took some family shot of the extended stroud crowd/lee fam when we were all in for my sweet grandfather's memorial and i love 'em.  love love. i wish we would have dressed up a bit  - but really that wouldn't have been true to life:-)  i do have to brag - my 4 are staying true to the silly shot - come on  - the rest of you:-)



hope this works - rowe is all juiced up for his bday party!



snowfest 2013!  so the 'mountain' of snow might have been a little exaggerated by the media - you think?  we had fun anyway:-)